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Why Are You Riding?

“Why are you here,” asks Ian from the podium, as we spin away in the dark at Soul Cycle on Union Street. “And don’t say for exercise. That’s a given. You can get that anywhere. What is your purpose? Your … Continue reading

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Changed up my exercise routine a couple weeks ago. Finally canceled Class Pass, and have decided, for now, to alternate Soul Cycle with OnPointe Pilates. Instead of deciding last minute, as was my habit, I go on the Soul Cycle … Continue reading

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Active Minutes?

My Fitbit had gone missing. Sigh. I knew it was in the bedroom. I’d checked my pants pockets. The floor. The counter. The Fitbit charger, everywhere I knew to check. Somehow seemed as if my steps and exercise didn’t “count” … Continue reading

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I walked five miles today. Does it “count”?

Alcohol does nothing for me. I don’t like to gamble. And I’ve never even tried recreational drugs. So while I have a theoretical understanding of addiction, I it kind of doesn’t seem to apply to me. When I am going … Continue reading

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Another Week to Go…

No room at the gym? You’ve noticed it too, right? And they’re hanging from the rafters, or testing the floor space, at the yoga studio. My class on Saturday was crowded with folks doing the “yoga challenge”. And then we … Continue reading

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