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$20….And what to do with it?

The $20 bill is still in its envelope. It’s been sitting on the kitchen counter awaiting a worthy destination. A total surprise–and confirmation I was in the right church–the when Rev. Ken Daigle said that they were going to do … Continue reading

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One Little Thing

Second in a series Moments, about small things in life…that aren’t always small. Please speak up if there’s something you’d like to contribute, or read more about. kr. ____ Two years ago I gave my brother David a couple of … Continue reading

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The Homeless of Beverly Hills

“I’m homeless, can you help me get something to eat?” Although I was in Beverly Hills–picking up a repaired watch repair–the woman certainly looked homeless enough. She wore an ill-fitting red t-shirt, and an even more wilted expression than the … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season….

Is there a better place for people watching than Beverly Hills? I think not. It’s fun to watch tourists puzzled about the kitty-corner crosswalk on Rodeo Drive, to gawk at the high-end cars and hair in colors nature never intended. … Continue reading

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Sometimes I hate Technology. Sometimes I love Technology.

Today it’s both, the love and the hate. I love that it’s so easy to communicate. Back in the day we had to make firm plans for early bike rides. Laurie S. knew I’d be there every Tuesday at 6 … Continue reading

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