Million Dollar Relationships….

Josh Flagg and grandmother Edith Flagg

Josh Flagg and grandmother Edith Flagg

Season finale of Million Dollar Listing last night….Absolutely no surprise that Josh Altman proposed to Heather Bilyeu. They’ve teed that one up, teasing everyone about it, for weeks now. And how better to end a season with a marriage proposal?

So what if in real life he actually proposed on June 22?

And how clunky, stiff and staged it all was. Well, the whole show is that way, of course, and the little audience meter they put on the screen “rated” his proposal at a C+. About right, IMHO.

More interesting was how things came down for Josh Flagg.

Is that because there is a less clearly defined path for gay couples? Loved it when Josh’s mother told him, that yep, he was indeed being totally selfish for always wanting things his way in his relationship with Colton.

Josh Flagg, super clear about wanting to maintain his ‘condo’ bachelor pad lifestyle—“I want to be able to call people and have them do things for me!”–even if he and Colton have been together six years and Colton wants a real house.

Colton, in fact, made the house an “or else” issue in their relationship.  He later apologized for the ultimatum, was was when Flagg decided not only to buy the cutesy-poo little house, even going “against my religion” by paying over asking.

Was this as rigged as Altman’s marriage proposal?

Considering that Flagg has had enough plastic surgery for several reality shows— “three nose jobs, an ear lift and a chin implant”—it probably is. But in addition to a new house and a relationship, Josh Flagg has something other reality show personalities don’t:

His grandmother Edith Flagg, a holocaust-survivor Romanian who brought polyester to the US has more personality than the three real estate boys put together.

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