Lawsuit over a Bikini Wax!

In a story made just for Bikini Wax Chronicles, Pennsylvania aesthetician Jennifer Finley

Jennifer Finley

Jennifer Finley

this week sued her former employer in federal court because she refused to get a Brazilian bikini wax.

From her co-workers.

Plus, she refused to give her co-workers a Brazilian bikini wax.

For you newbies out there a Brazilian bikini wax means it’s all gone gone gone.

As new employees at the franchise European Wax Center in Ross Township, PA, they were apparently supposed to practice on each other. “I think I was the oldest,” said Ms. Finley. The others “were young and they just really needed a job they just went along with it. But, really, none of them wanted to go along with it.”

This explains it! In the public interest last year I tested the European Wax Center in Manhattan Beach with it’s supposed ‘comfort wax’. Not comfortable!  Maybe the employees did not have enough training. Who wants to be a test case in this delicate department?

Said Janice Russell, Finley’s attorney, “She was asked to expose her most private parts to her co-workers, to their view and their touch, and to have the physical view of her genitals altered. And she did not feel that that was legal.” She’s suing for back wages and attorney’s fees.

When Jennifer Finley spoke with the store owner Ryan Glastein about her concerns he fired her. “He said, ‘I’m sorry things didn’t work out’ and he let me go.”

“I was more than shocked. I was humiliated. I felt what they were doing was illegal. It was very embarrassing.”

I’m sure.

Has she made her situation LESS embarrassing by suing so folks all over Internet World imagine the whole sticky hairy scenario?

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