Bike to Work Day…..

Quick, get on your bike. There are a few hours left in “Bike to Work Day”…In Orange dayCounty you’ll get a free ride on Metrolink today if you bring your bicycle. In Los Angeles there are between 200 and 250 bicycle officers every day. Bike patrols started out in the 1970s in Venice Beach and then spread to other congested areas as a way to increase visibility and decrease dependence on cars.

Here’s the link to their advice for Bike to Work day.

Gotta tell you, though, some it is silly. “Use a map to determine your best route to work.” Of course. And wear the right clothes. Duh.

But the idea is good. Encourage folks to ride bikes here in this car-centric city.

And odd to me that in Northern California “Bike to Work Day” was last week.  I know there are many differences between Southern and Northern California….but this?

bikelaneAll agree, however, that May is Bike to Work MONTH.

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