The Boob Bolster…

“You want to see something interesting?” Suzy asked…we were at Massage Envy getting photoour exhausted bodies tended to.

“Okay…..What is that?”

It was a large flat pillow with two large cutouts.

“It’s a breast bolster,” said the massage therapist. “Some people call it a ladies pillow. I call it, a boob pillow. For women who have implants or reconstruction. Or are just,” she paused, “overly blessed in that department.”

That would be Suzy.

Learn something every day. Knew there are pillows to hold them up in a bra. Knew there are special supportive pillows for mastectomy patients, bought one for Alice in fact after she had hers. But never seen anything like this. So I poked around online and found another version that looks like a giant cupcake pan. Two cupcakes. Said one of the reviewers: “I was looking for something that would make my co-worker laugh so hard when she opened it and this is the most hilarious thing I found!”

But I found something even funnier….another pillow you are supposed to wear between your breasts to prevent “chest wrinkles”. Who knew?

One advantage of having less tectonics to shift….Look ma, no wrinkles!


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