Mother’s Day plus…

Got my Mother’s Day in early this year with indoor sky diving. Non-traditional photocelebration that was great fun.

More traditional was the year Ariel, at seven years old, decided to make me breakfast in bed.

Now I am an early riser. So this treat required me to be imprisoned in my bedroom upstairs while Ariel made muffins and scrambled eggs. “Can I come out now?” I whispered to Jessamyn and their dad. “Nope.” I needed to also pretend to be asleep still during this process.

There were only a couple of shell pieces in the eggs. Super sweet, though, and I’d have waited in there forever.

Anna Javis got the Mother’s Day ball rolling in 1908 with a celebration in honor of her mother, who had been trying to get mother’s celebrations started for years. But Ms. Jarvis was terribly unhappy with how commercial the holiday instantly became and spent the rest of her life and her entire inheritance, even getting arrested in 1948, in an effort to protest against commercialization. She wished she’d never started it things got so out of control. She decried the practice of greeting cards which she saw as a sign of being too lazy to write a personal letter.

But she would’ve approved of the little handmade coupon book, here, that Ariel had on my breakfast day that Mother’s Day. It included certificates for one hand massage, “choice of flavors”, one pedicure, one manicure, and “one day of being nice to Jessamyn.”

I’ve still got the coupons of course.

There no expiration date!

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