Not Another Mother’s Day Brunch

fly1Jessamyn: “What would you like to do for Mother’s Day?”

Karen: “I’d like to do indoor skydiving.”

“Uh. Okay.”

Jessamyn was clearly surprised I was ready to roll with that one.

Ever since I heard about it I’ve wanted to try indoor skydiving. Back in February Joan and I tried to do it in Las Vegas, but we arrived just after closing.

Mother’s Day was my opening. Did I have a coupon? You bet.

So Jessamyn and I were off in a flash to Universal City Walk.

“Somehow I didn’t think we’d be doing it in PUBLIC,” I said. The iFly tunnel is right out there in front of God and everyone. And the one-piece suit is by no means super-fashionable. Oh-well…

“Tuck your arms in front of your face and lean into the wind.” And WHOOOOSH…there you are…there I am…flying. Nowhere near as scary as the trapeze, but way more windy. You even have to remember to breathe.  The wind is something fierce. At this location about 30 percent of flyers are actual sky divers practicing their technique. The one-minute flight is the same duration as an actual sky dive.

And arms and legs extended please, to catch the maximum wind. Fans are actually up above and then blow down and up. If you bend your legs more you’ll go backwards. Physics. But just listen to the instructor, who gives hand signals.

And try not to pay attention to the folks taking pictures. Your two one-minute flights will be over before you know it. Not scary. A little bit of a core workout.

Triple fun.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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