Lance Armstrong: “Scary”, “Scarier”, “Scariest”

In the first half of Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Lance Armstrong she asks if he ever felt his doping was wrong, he answers no. He realizes that is scary.

Asked if felt bad about his doping. He says no. “Even scarier.”

Asked, “Did you feel in any way that you were cheating?” He says, no, then adds:  “Even scarier.” He saw drugs just the same as, “air in our tires, and water in our bottles.”

There are more than a few flashes of self-awareness, that he’s always been a bully. (No, duh.) That his response to any threat, especially in an athletic realm, had been to put up his fists. He talked about growing up with his single mother, who had him young, always feeling like their backs were against the wall.

He’s supposedly being honest now, but because he has to. The truth has already been told by others. Many of whom have also been hugely damaged, criticized, sued, and personally attacked because by him.

Oprah asks him at one point if he sued someone over an accurate allegation. He can’t remember. “We sued so many people.”

It is compelling watching….he swallows hard a couple times, but his eyes are a Sahara. His voice is steely firm. He wishes he’d never staged his comeback because that focused more attention on him. The “last time I crossed the line, that line”—of performance enhancing drugs—“was 2005.” He’d have happily gotten away, more or less scot free, “there would have been allegations,” but that’s all– if not for the comeback.

Drug testing became more sophisticated over the years and a report in 2009 of his “blood passport”, a way to monitor what someone’s blood “should” look like microscopically, said that Armstrong’s blood was consistent with doping…with a tolerance to a million to one. That made him just furious because he wasn’t doping then.

But of course when someone is a liar, you don’t believe him when he finally decides to tell the truth.

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