What’s a five-letter word for “Blends”?

One across: Five-letter word for ‘Blends’….That’s easy:


And one down: Five letter word, “Like some perfume”. M-U-S-K-Y comes down from the M in MIXES. So that confirms it.

It’s the Tuesday NYT crossword puzzle, so I’m cookin’ with gas. Love the Monday and Tuesday, which I can generally do solo. Later in the week I need reinforcements, if there’s any hope at all.

Very satisfying, putting the letters in their little squares, watching the words fill in, interlacing like fingers, or lives, in sometimes surprising and interesting ways. I’m making great progress, except with that northwest corner. MIXES and MUSKY. That’s it.

The “X” in “Mixes” is particularly troubling. Very few words start with X.

If the puzzle is doing well except for one section, it generally means there’s a mistake.

And finally it comes to me—head slap—the five-letter word for ‘blends’ is not MIXES; it’s MELDS.

And with that the whole corner just falls into place.

Wouldn’t it be great if life were like that: One little change and suddenly the whole business is just ducky?  Get your car repaired and suddenly the checkbook is also balanced? Take a yoga class and poof, the traffic jam disappears?

Or maybe one change allows the other….The yoga class finally inspires you to go to the car repair shop, where you balance your checkbook, and thus miss rush hour traffic.

Life as a crossword puzzle.

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