Gone, Girl.

801 blog posts.

Daily readership: over 500.

Two years.

Total site visits 190,104.

Thinking about that this morning, the very first posts, about helping Jessamyn to move and adjusted at new spot. The most popular posts, “FAQ: How long to Ride 100 miles?”, Whoop em Condom Style, and “Online Dating the Good, the Bad and the Skeezy”… And also my own favorites.

Lot has happened in two years. Life is short, so I write shorter now. Sometimes I wonder if people notice that some posts get a lot of work, are deeper and more thoughtful…dare I say, better?…than is possible every day. And when my inbox floods with a hurricane-Sandy of responses and my faith in readership, in you, is confirmed.

My memory of two-years to the day was confirmed when I went to my “dashboard” this morning. There, instead of my friendly familiar buttons, was a notice that my domain was “parked” courtesy of Go Daddy. Geez Louise. Two years to the hour. Was I not on auto-renew for the fees?  Apparently not.

Proving once again that tech is not my world, my efforts at renewing instead bought me whole new domain name, which is turn bought me 40 minutes on the help line. At the end of it:  “Your site will be up again within 48 hours.”

48 hours?!

“Up to…forty-eight hours. The DNS pointers need to be completely reset and—“

“Never mind. Thanks for your help. “

But here I am talking to you through my little fingers. Sometimes the internet magic is with you.

One of these days we’ll have to actually get together. Internet magic?

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