Stop the Presses….Child Reads Book!

Young People still read. Amazing. A study released today the Pew Research Center shows that you readers, aged 16 to 29 still read and they still use libraries. Not as much as some us old farts. And much of their reading and library work is for schoolwork.

And of course their reading habits are changing with the times. Fewer newspapers, of course. But in some specific areas, young folks are more likely to read. Among those over 65, for example, 68% have read a book in the last year, but among those 25-29 years old, 76% have. And people under thirty are more likely than people under thirty are more likely to read to research a topic of interest.

Go kids.

And libraries….still relevant. Sixty percent of young people have been to a library in the last year. E-reading is increasing, natch, with those over 65 and under 18 less likely to read books on an e-reader. Youngsters who do e-reading are way more likely than grown-ups to read on their cell phones or computers than on Kindle or clone.

Most people, young and old, prefer to borrow audiobooks rather than purchase them.

Count me in as one of those borrowers. Audiobooks: too expensive, more so than physical books, and unnecessary to buy. You’ll only listen once. Or I will.

And I agree with the 2,986 young people in this statistically significant study. Borrowing e-books from the library sounds like a good idea, but multiple log-in screens and such make it too complicated.

Went to the reference desk at my library the other day for help on this. The fellow working said, “I can’t figure it out either.” And handed me the same directions I was already scratching my head over.

If they had 12 year-olds working at the library it might be easier.

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