Are you prepared?

What do you always keep with you for emergencies?

As with everything, it’s all about context.

If you’re Cheryl Strayed as she hikes the Pacific Crest Trail in her memoir Wild, you’ve got a compass, a super loud whistle, a good-luck feather, and about fifty pounds of other essentials on your back.

After Katrina, I bought red emergency backpacks from the fire department, with water, space blankets, a radio, flashlight, and a bunch of other essentials, and put them in the cars.

In Colorado, I carry more: jugs of water, ice scrapers, rain gear.

But for all around every day emergencies?

I just discovered the Shemergency survival kit. A super-cute little silver bag with TWENTY-SEVEN female essentials. It’s got all the basics you’d think of: a sewing kit, a tampon, safety pins. Plus things you wouldn’t think of, but will need when you least expect to: stain remover, nail polish (and polish remover), dental floss, a brush and mirror. The zipper pull is even a nail clipper. How clever is that?

The company, Pinch Provisions, also makes Hemergency kits, mini-emergency kits and other specialty kits, including for students and Brides. Love it that that one even includes wedding bands!

A great and thoughtful gift for teachers or friends.

Mine is going in the car right this minute.

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