Bikini Wax…comfort wax?

It’s summer…it’s time for the bathing suit. Time for bikini wax.european-wax


“It helps if you take Advil first,” says the woman.

Sigh. I should know this. I should. I do know it. But too late now.


I’m at the European Wax salon in Manhattan Beach. They use what they call “comfort wax”. For me, not comfortable.

The wax is black and unlike most places, they don’t use a cloth strip, but rather just ripppp away.

European Wax is a newish chain. Started in 2004 in Aventura, Florida, and, since 2008, has grown massively through franchising, jumping on the waxing wagon. At 300 locations they’ve got no-frilly decent-priced services, and far as I can tell always seem next to a Massage Envy. Not connected, but they clearly serve the same demographic. Ariel..gets a $5 referral fee for my visit.

Gimmick is free wax the first time. Yes, indeed. Eyebrow, underarm, or bikini line. “Bikini line” is the more modest flavor waxing….and if you want more, the first service is half-price. I’ve signed up for a Brazilian…and as I’m lying there all naked and exposed and in pain….the woman is asking me questions. Really…how can I think?

“Do I want WHAT?”

It turns out here a Brazilian means everything gone…including your backside! Got to pay attention to the lingo because sometimes words mean different things, or the same things, like flammable, and inflammable….the way my skin feels about now!…mean just the same.

“No THANK YOU. My back side does not need any waxing thank you!”

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