Tales of a Passport

Love, my passport.

It shows, in summary form, the story of my last few years. My ins and outs from Heathrow. There’s the visa to Nepal. Here’s the giant stamp, only in a foreign language, from the country I entered 3/11/11.

Where did I travel to a year ago MARCH? Scratched my head until I reversed the numerals.  It was Argentina, in November.

We’re nearly the only folks left in the world who use English units, and we’re ‘bout only ones who write dates in month/day/year format.

Margaret’s story has me concerned, so I check and sure enough, I’m nearly out of passport pages!  Only half a page, and then the full page at the very back. “And some places won’t let you use that for visas,” Margaret should know after her experience.

So now I’m looking at the forms to add pages to the passport. For $84 dollars I can send it off and get 24 pages, but that will take 6 to 8 weeks!

I don’t have any international travel planned, but, hey, you never know. What if someone invites me to go to France asap? My dad is going on a hurry-up missionary trip to Cuba. If he didn’t have pages, or his passport was off getting them, he couldn’t go.

For $142 dollars I can get those same new pages in 2-3 weeks.

My spontaneity and sense of possibilities in the world is worth $58. So fortunate I can make that choice, and lots of other good ones.

And if you’d like to invite me to go on a fancy international trip, go right ahead, just give me a few days notice.

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