Ready for a travel horror story?

First, you have to GET THERE.

Margaret and I share travel stories, and this time she had me beat.

“Mike and I were flying from Hong Kong to Bali, and from there on to a private island for a dive vacation. Turned out that Mike did not have an empty page in his passport for the Indonesian visa.”

You see the problem, right? Big problem.

“I was so upset about the whole thing, but it was great being with Mike. No one was screaming. No recriminations. It was ‘let’s take care of business’ and we did.

“We stored our luggage at the airport and took the train back to Hong Kong. And then a cab to the consulate.”

They knew they’d miss their flight, but the real concern was the flight following day to a private island where they were going on a dive vacation. THAT flight went only every five days.

“We waited in line at the consulate, go the new pages for $84. Last of the ‘fair trade’ pricing we were going to see.

“Then it was cab from consulate back to the train station, train back to the airport, and since our flight was gone we needed to buy plane tickets to Bali at the counter, rack rate.  Just the OVERCHARGE for luggage was $1200, since we had our heavy dive bags.”

Makes me feel kind of wimpy complaining about my 55Euro bag fee in Florence.

“They definitely had us over a barrel. We ended up upgrading our flights to Bali to business class for $400 each, so we didn’t have to pay the baggage over charge of $1200.”

Instead of arriving in Bali early afternoon and lounging on the beach, we arrived at 11 at night. But we made our flight the next morning.

Exhausting just thinking about it.

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2 Responses to Ready for a travel horror story?

  1. nancy downer says:

    not so sure about the perspective on this one hard to see the complaint with so much abundance…. I’m just sayin’ n

    • Karen says:

      yep….margaret’s view also….and I’m working on mine…just hard sometimes to avoid letting yourself, or me to avoid letting myself, get caught in the swirl of the present…

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