If you don’t like what today holds…peek in here at your colorful future!

“How about if we look in this jewelry store?” said Ariel.

Like saying, let’s go look in the chocolate shop, or let’s go get a massage. (she said that one too…and I jumped on it as well!)

The shop, in Santa Monica, had some crystal and heraldic things, some dragons. A row of jewelry-making stations for do-it-yourselfers. “Cast your own jewelry.”

Looking closely, cleverness was everywhere. A ring in the shape of a squirrel, wrapped around the finger. Squirrel was “holding” a smoky quartz stone with feet and tail, and munching it. Darling. Why didn’t I take a picture to share with you? Much cuter in person than my paltry words can do.

While I was petting the squirrel, Ariel was admiring the kaleidoscope.

A sterling silver kaleidoscope about an inch long and the width of a straw. Cutesy-poo. And it worked. Complete with a little dial to make new designs. We oohed and aahed and the shape and style.

“Would you like that?” I asked her.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” she said. Ariel is too polite for that.

We kept fondling them, one with a baby ruby, one simpler elegant, and the other so small and intricate, hard to see how the design could have been done.

“There are three of them,” I said. “How about one for you, one for your sister, and one for me.”

“That’s a great idea.”

“If we ever don’t like what’s going on in our lives, just lift up the kaleidoscope and see all the pretty colors in the direction of our future.”

Mind has been around my neck since we got them.

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