Get Well soon….

Wrote yesterday about my snazzy Colnago….which I did not get to ride today because of huge rains and winds everywhere within shouting distance.

Even with a generous husband wanting to get an anniversary gift, you don’t want just walk into a shop and say….”I’d like a snazzy bike please.”  Well…you could say that, but goodness knows what you’d get.  Odds are you sit yourself down in front of the computer and do hours of research. Or you call a friend for help.

Jeff called a friend.

Dick Schlickman has been riding with the men’s auxiliary of the Biker Chicks for years. He’s probably got the prize for most high-end bicycles. He’s always very generous with time and knowledge. When I was going off on a trip he’d loan me an extra set of pedals…yes, some crazy folks carry their own pedals when they travel. He even cleaned my bike once, swapped my front and rear tires…best to “rotate” them as you do on a car to even out wear.

Of course Dick was happy to help out on my anniversary gift…and I’m sure Eloise was happy it was one high end bike he wasn’t adding to their garage! Dick stood by with advice as I drooled on various bike frames. I liked the Pinarellos but all the paint jobs were too manly for me. He made lots of suggestions and one big actual contribution, some super snazzy carbon handle bars that are flat on the top and little divots underneath for the fingers. He bought them for himself, but they were a little small. Just the right size for me.

Dick was a bad bike accident last week. A collision with a speed bump and he’s been in the hospital since. Everyone who knows him is thinking good thoughts for recovery….maybe you will too….

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