To Nipple or Not to Nipple….

breastsSo I was getting my London haircut updated today and we were chatting about Alice and her mastectomy. A big whew that it went well…Maria had a great story to share.

Yes, Maria, stand up and take a bow. This is your third Bikini Wax Chronicles appearance…

So Maria was talking about people and their mastectomy stories.

“I had one client who had a double mastectomy and she decided to have the reconstruction done without nipples so she could go braless. She was maybe sixty-five and one day she was here getting her hair done and asked if I would like to see them.

“Before I could even answer she whipped up her shirt. And there they were, all round and nipple-free.”

“Are you uncomfortable because they don’t have nipples?”


“Would you like to touch them?”

“Ah, no,” I said.

“Is it because they don’t have nipples?”

“No, that’s not it. Please put your shirt down.”


“Seriously, Karen, I could give you stuff for the blog every day….”


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