A Book Swap…for Old People…?

Much enjoying the community at Unity of San Francisco, Sundays and other times. Music is great, lectures, and activities, and I decided it was time to give back…other than in the offering basket.

Members occasionally have get-togethers in their homes around some kind of an activity. There’s a small fee, so it’s partly social and a baby fundraiser at the same time.

“I’d like to volunteer to do a pick-a-party,” I said to coordinator David Cooperberg.

“Okay,” he said, “I haven’t gotten the calendar together for this year yet, but good.” He told me a bit about how the events work, which I already sort-of knew.

“Any idea what kind of activity you would like to have?”

“Yes,” I said, proud of my initiative, “a book swap party. People can bring books they are finished with. People take what they want. Any leftovers I can find a place to donate.”

“Well….,” he said, “we have a lot of older members who probably still read actual books, so I suppose that could work.”


I like paper books. Turning the page, the tactility. How you can make notes on an actual book with an actual pencil. And then you can share it with someone who might enjoy it.

Can’t do that with a Kindle download.

I do, though, appreciate my Kindle, which is great for travel and for when I need something right away.

My book-reading now is about 50/50 paper and electronic.

Does that mean I’m half-way to old?

Or half-kidding myself?

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