What were you doing December 22nd?

Not just December 22, but at 9:30 in the morning.


It was a Thursday, just a few days before Christmas. Here in San Francisco it was cold and a bit dreary, but not raining. Do you remember yet?

I do.

I was at Ian’s Class on Soul Cycle on Union Street.  It wasn’t raining so I rode my Vespa. My things were in locker number one. Although my purse was tucked into my tote bag, my pink wallet was zipped into my coat pocket.  I often do that so I can walk out the door purse-less.

All of these details are clear because my purse was stolen while I was in that spin class.

A woman walked up to the counter pretending to be a potential rider. Then she asked to use the restroom. When she got around the corner from the desk she went at the lockers testing the doors. Although I had punched in the code, I apparently didn’t make sure the little lever was correctly place.

Sigh. Sigh. SIGH.

San Francisco is a great place….except for a few things. High cost of living. Traffic. Parking. Huge homeless problem. (Although if I were homeless I’d rather be in San Francisco than….say….Chicago.) And property crimes.

Just this morning walking the dogs there was a car  parked on Sacramento with the back window broken out. Thieves tend to break the back passenger window as they rifle through the car.  At least when things were stolen from my car last summer they didn’t break the window.

Yes, I should’ve done better with the lock.

But it’s a creepy feeling that people are waiting to pounce if you make even a small mistake….like leaving a parcel in your back seat.





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