If not me, Who?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone….meetup

Fixed the health insurance problem?

Organized a group of fun and interesting people to talk with on a regular basis?

Dealt with the homelessness?

Homelessness and health insurance are beyond me….except for the griping of course. I can gripe with the best of them….But I have been thinking about how to effectively connect with all of you interesting and interested people I know are right around me. Sitting in the City Arts and Lectures talks the last couple evenings–France McDormand on Monday and Joel Coen on Tuesday–I kept thinking that everyone in this big hall is interested in the same things I am.

How do I meet them?  I can only say hello and smile at so many people. Person one won’t stop staring at her phone. Person two looks really friendly but is already engaged in conversation.

What about a Meet Up group for folks who are also interested?

Good idea? Would you come?  Andrew Solomon is speaking tonight.

Here I am. On record. Taking the first baby step.


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