Gratitude Weekend

Utilities changed? Check.twenty

House unpacked? Check.

Kitchen remodeled? Check.

Hair person? Car Repair shop? Nail salon? Check. Check. And Check.

After being new in San Francisco a few months I was looking for more than the checklist. An undefinable something. And so I decided to go church shopping. Like most shopping, it felt stressful. What will it be like? Will I feel comfortable? Will it fit me? Will I fit there? Would attending be one more obligation? Or will it enrich my life?

I looked at the likely church candidates. Proximity counts for a lot. If something is easy, I’m clearly more likely to do it, so Sunday morning last February I walked the 11 minutes to Unity of San Francisco on Bush Street.

The folks were nice of course. What kind of church would it be if they weren’t? The music was great. I liked that. And when the time of greeting came, instead of asking people to hug everyone, they said to hug or shake hands, “and please respect others wishes.” Never heard that before. And I liked all of the extra curricular activities, the Wednesday night class on “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown, and there was a play upcoming. At the end of the service, I felt better, uplifted in a way I hadn’t in a while. The invitation to go hiking was a bonus.

That the hike actually happened was even better.

And so I became a regular. I went to the class on The Gifts of Imperfection. And to the play. And to a workshop with one of Byron Katie’s teachers. And then Unity bought a block of tickets to see Byron Katie herself and Spirit Rock and I did that too.

When  Alicia got sick and I felt bad having to miss. Are these people going to think I’m a flake? So I wrote an email and told them what was happening.

Unity is part of my Sundays now, not an obligation, but something I look forward to. A different kind of recharge.

This time of year it’s all about the gratitude. And I admit to being suspicious about Rev. Ken Daigle’s message about giving and tithing. Sigh, this going to be a plea about money at a time of year when everyone has a hand out. He had the ushers pass around a basket. “Everyone take an envelope, but don’t open it yet.” He talked about the best kind of giving being cheerful, surprising, and unexpected.  Turned out that every single envelope, to every single person in the room, had a $20 bill in it.

“We had a really good month last month and it is nice to be able to show appreciation to each of you in a surprising and concrete way.”

Feel so fortunate to have stumbled into Unity…very first try.

If only I was so lucky with the dating App.






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  1. Linda Ray says:

    Hi KAren,
    So glad you found that church. Church can be a way.better way to meet someone
    Than an app.
    Love ya!

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