Exploitation…exploiter and exploitee…explain…

If you have a job that comes with all kinds of indignities…personal invasions, being ogled,jills told how to manage one’s menstrual cycle!, or studied to see if your flesh jiggles….what would you do?

Well, I would get another job, or try to. Complain, certainly. Would I sue? Eh. Probably not. Lawsuits are hugely expensive, personally complicated, and unlikely to get the result you want.

But what if the source of that indignity is a hobby?

That’s the case with the “Buffalo Jills,” a cheerleading squad for the Buffalo Bills.

Several former members are currently suing, over the lack of pay and many humiliations that came with their service. Their Facebook pages were monitored for example, had to buy their own uniforms, for $650, and other indignities like doing backflips in bikinis or riding around in golf carts on the laps of men who paid for the privilege.

Why not just quit?

Presumably the women expected something…prestige, fame, accessibility…who knows, but if that is not forthcoming…leave already. You can’t be exploited if you don’t allow it. Entirely different from the case before the US Supreme Court in which UPS would not make accommodation for a pregnant women. In that case, it was, of course a job. It wasn’t insults, but livelihood.

Call me crazy, but what do you think?


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