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I sure hope the answer is, “no.”

Julia Pierson, testifying before the House on Tuesday.

Julia Pierson, testifying before the House on Tuesday.

But for the two of you who do, I want to make sure and clarify here that since  yesterday’s rant about the Secret Service, director Julia Pierson has resigned.

We here at Bikini Wax Chronicles are quite sure that we had nothing to do with her resignation, that in fact the gathering storm of dissatisfaction over security breaches was enough.

PLUS,  in the meantime yet another breach revealed.

Just a couple days before the September 19 intruder hopscotched across the White House lawn, then skipped around the whole first floor before the Secret Service could say, “tag, you’re it”….just days before that a man carrying a gun was allowed to share an elevator with President Obama when he was in Atlanta to attend a meeting at the Centers for Disease Control.

The one good thing to say about this is that there has been little to no comment about the fact that Julia Pierson, head of Secret Service, is a woman.

She was brought in the clean things up after the last set of scandals, agents partying with prostitutes while traveling with president abroad.

She certainly didn’t get things fixed up enough, but no one has even suggested that it’s because she’s female.

And that, I suppose, is progress.

We have to take what we can get.

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