Happy to Oblige…


Marlowe on the left. Greta on the right.

Marlowe on the left. Greta on the right.

“More pictures of the puppies!”

I ask people what they want in a blog…in this blog…more political commentary? more humor? More new product info? But the answer is pretty consistent.

“More puppy photos.”

So here we go.

IMG_3905 Two weeks ago we schlepped them up to Hollywood for their big moment. The photographer asked, “How well trained are they?”

“They are trained to be cute,” said Ariel. And here is proof positive.


At just over four months they each weigh 5.7 pounds.  Greta is a bit more shy and eager for affection. She is intuitive and adapts her play style to whoever is in her orbit: shy dog, old dog, young child, or her rowdy brother.  Marlowe is an adventurer. If there’s a way out of a situation, he’ll find it. Even if YOU think there isn’t a way out. One day we made two trips to Home Depot to try and foil the escape artist. He’s ever curious, gets fixated on a toy or branch, but then changes his mind to move on to the next one.

They’re very affectionate and trusting and they especially love each other. I’ve now got them sleeping in separate crates in different rooms, but if you take one out and leave the other, there will be squawking.

House training is going well. They’re not perfect–who is?–but it’s gone better than I expected. Still working on infrastructure. I’ve got a fence on order, with very narrow openings. We actually measured Greta’s head to determine the size.

And now…time for the afternoon walk.IMG_3906

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