Free Show? What does that mean, Exactly?

I’m in Telluride for the 41st annual Telluride Film Festival.tff

Since I don’t have a pass—too busy getting myself divorced to plan until it was too late—I’m trying to take advantage of free or short-notice activities around the festival.

Last night I sat in the park to watch Life Itself , the amazing documentary, based on his book, about the even more amazing Roger Ebert. Today, the first official day of the festival, there was a free showing of Apocalypse Now  with Francis Coppola in attendance.

How far ahead to line up? An hour? Two hours? THREE hours?

I picked door number two for two hours.

Showing at the Herzog, the newest theater here and a tie for the largest at 650 occupancy. Randye and I were among the first 15 to line up….An hour before the show we got a Q, a little piece of paper giving our line priority….but not so fast….

Turns out all passholders are admitted first….it takes an electron microscope to find this rule in the booklet….and in this case the film was highly oversubscribed. A couple hundred passholders were turned away.

And my Q? That and $4 will get me a Starbucks.

Time to enjoy the views and figure out Plan B.

This and $4 will get me a Starbucks...though not necessarily into a movie.

This and $4 will get me a Starbucks…though not necessarily into a movie.

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