Telluride Bud Company

“Only edibles for now,” said the guy at Telluride Bud Company. “All of our licenses are in potthe former owners’ name.”

One of a handful of dispensaries in Telluride, adjustments still in place with the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. The place has the slightly scuzzy feel, and smell, of the illicit, complete with the narrow stairway to the basement and gauntlet of various doors. The guy behind the counter extremely slowly. Testing, perhaps, the product he’s not presently allowed to sell?

“Hospital admissions are up because of the edibles,” said Dan Jansen, mayor of Mountain Village, which has decided, for now, against legalization. But of course, Mountain Village is just a quick gondola ride up from lefty Telluride. “The dosing is especially tricky with the edibles,” he went on. “A guy will eat a cookie. Nothing happens, so he eats two more. And ends up at the hospital.”

Didn’t want to buy anything anyway, but the dispensary is part of my Telluride tour for visitors—along with counting elk and looking at the free box. So we gawked at the pipes and the antique opium paraphernalia displayed on the wall.

If we were of a mind, and the dudes had their licenses in order, we could buy an ounce. As non-residents it would be a quarter of an ounce.

They also help facilitate marijuana loans. “Thank you for telling me about They loaned me $200 dollars today and gave me 12 months to pay it back. My bad credit score didn’t even matter.”

Learn something every day I suppose.


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