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Century Post-Script

Previously I ruminated here on how long it might take…. Of course it depends. How steep? How hot? How tired? How hungry? How good the bike? How pumped up the tires? How pumped up the spirits? How many flats? How … Continue reading

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Century post-script: The morning after

A little stiff waking up after the hundred mile ride, but really happy no ill effects at all….except maybe a weensy bit of a swelled head. A HUNDRED Miles. At ten o’clock sharp went down to Bicycle Odyssey. Wesley was … Continue reading

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Karen Rides a hundred miles….

Starting moment at Wine Country Century: pockets overflowing, credit card, $$, Advil, reading glasses, iPhone, earbuds, Shot Blox, raisins, lip balm, sunscreen. Most startling moment: Temporary crown falla off in my mouth at mile 11. (zipped it into a Pearlizumi … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day…

Didn’t remember until Jeff brought me a cup of coffee in bed. Nice. Obviously tuckered from riding 100 miles yesterday. Details after I gather a bit of energy… And drink my coffee….love and Happy mother’s day to all. Karen

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Does Apple Tart Count as Carbo Loading??

Leaving the hotel early early to start on the ride.  Got my final prep info from Aishea about what to expect. Total duration= 7 hours (I estimated this one) Total calories burned= 3,550 calories Total Calories to consume while riding … Continue reading

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