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India….final chapter….for now.

“How do you think I got this?” I pointed at the big scab on my chin. Standing in front of a classroom of eight year-olds in India, they made outlandish and simple guesses, “an accident?” “Yes, but what KIND of … Continue reading

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Being Human

Givraj Sen is 19 and a good looking young man. And that’s important. The very first thing I want you to know about Givraj is that he is handsome. Because the second thing I’m going to tell you about him … Continue reading

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Adventure Sports: Hang gliding to shopping.

“Is hang gliding the one that looks like a parachute?” asked the young woman at the lunch table. “No,” said Sandra Grantham with authority. “A hang glider is more like a kite and you are suspended horizontally underneath. You control … Continue reading

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Why Are You Riding?

“Why are you here,” asks Ian from the podium, as we spin away in the dark at Soul Cycle on Union Street. “And don’t say for exercise. That’s a given. You can get that anywhere. What is your purpose? Your … Continue reading

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Where am I?

Sitting in the airport waiting to get on the airplane…. Looking for the wifi. So weird, it shows where I used to be, not where I am now…. But I’ve been moving fast lately. Sunday morning ducked out of the … Continue reading

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