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Where am I?

Sitting in the airport waiting to get on the airplane…. Looking for the wifi. So weird, it shows where I used to be, not where I am now…. But I’ve been moving fast lately. Sunday morning ducked out of the … Continue reading

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Do You Know Where Your IPhone is?

A quick late afternoon errand…need to get new athletic shoes. But first, take in the trash cans, throw the recycling in the bin. Unplug the Prius from the wall….and there’s something else… What am I forgetting? Tap foot. Something, I’m … Continue reading

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Every writer loves feedback. Unless of course you are selling fake Louis Vuitton handbags. Or Moncler jackets or Ugg boots. Or, even more oddly, if you are trying to sell those jackets, or boots, or handbags in Japanese or Russian. … Continue reading

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Take this job. And Delete it.

The same folks who brought us the “Breakup Text” last summer have just introduced a new app called Quit You Job. Yes, indeed, resignation via text, perhaps a new low in social discourse. Well it’s actually a slight upgrade in … Continue reading

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Sticks and Stones Might break my Bones, But Words are even Worse

Returned this afternoon from visiting friends in Seattle. For the very first time, I read on my Kindle during takeoff and landing. There was explicit permission to leave my phone on, “as long as it’s in airplane mode.” Felt like … Continue reading

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