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What’s your motivation: Love or Fear?

“There are two basic motivators in life: love and fear,” says Ann Pardo director of Life Management at Canyon Ranch, perhaps the best known spa devoted to healthy living. “Only twenty percent of people use love as their primary motivation. … Continue reading

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Happy New Year…

Most overrated holiday…imho… New Years eve! There’s all the pressure to make it super special, to resolve turn over new leaves everywhere. To never call him again. To lose the ten pounds, to balance the checkbook, pay off the credit … Continue reading

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It’s over, OVER, O-V-E-R

Holidays are all over. Sigh. Even the Monday “legal holiday” bit today. Jessamyn back in New York. Ariel back in Northern California. Linda back to Michigan. Sabrina back to Sacramento. Mama back to Napa. Moi-self back to Manhattan Beach. Still … Continue reading

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Necessary Endings…2011…and more…

“You’re reading a real book?” says Ariel the Kindle-addict, “like with paper pages. Hardcovers even.” Paper is still my favorite form, especially as with this book, Necessary Endings, I’m scribbling all over the margins and in the end papers. Recommended … Continue reading

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Statement of Purpose…

Sound pompous enough? Along with much of the world, here at BWC there’s some self-reflection going on at this time of year. And appropriate internal and external tinkering….Some change-ups with the frills….statement of purpose just added up top, more changes … Continue reading

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