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A Family that Calculates Together Stays Together

Enjoyed a great lunch with some old friends the other day—waving at you, Pam, Megan, and Jason!—but when the bill came there was something I’d never seen before: $0.02—that’s two cents!—added to the bottom of the bill for rounding. Why? … Continue reading

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Attention to every dot-ail.

Daddy often forgets his hearing aids. He might not remember milk when he goes to the grocery store. He might even lose his cell phone. But my father will never ever misplace a decimal point. Daddy taught college mathematics for … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving by the Numbers

“Would you like more Martinelli’s?” Devin asked Grandpa at Thanksgiving dinner. “Sure,” he said, “I’ll have 11/9ths of a glass.” “Okay,” Devin held a dish under Grandpa’s glass, prepared to overflow it to show that he was paying attention. Daddy … Continue reading

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10, 11, 12

Wrote out a few bills today and as I was making out the checks, the date jumped out at me: 10/11/12 Made me smile. Do other people notice things like this? In Europe, the day comes first, then the month, … Continue reading

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