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One hour equals 7,000 Steps

The day after we arrived in Telluride….when I was an overcooked noodle from the fourteen-hour drive, Sabrina did the one-hour walk she’s done daily for 14 months. Today I’m joining in. We’re at 10,000 feet elevation. Huff puff. I’ve got … Continue reading

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This little Piggy Went to the Doctor…

“The past is never dead! It isn’t even past.” That quote from William Faulkner is used often and in many contexts, generally about how history tends to repeat itself. How ghosts tend to linger. There really is no such thing … Continue reading

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Mom and Daughter on the Trail, even if daughter is Solo

Although I love a good adventure, I’m way too chicken–and old–to head off on a thousand-mile backpacking trip. But I don’t have to and neither do you. Far more manageable, and easier on the feet, is to join Cheryl Strayed … Continue reading

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A Sore toe…and a sharp needle

After the mongo Monday hike, my parts were fussing. The left knee, of course. The quadriceps chimed in and harmonized with the hamstrings. But first in line at the Complaint Department: The big toes. Swollen, bruised, hot and tender. Every … Continue reading

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Hiking by the numbers…

Number of hikers in the group: 12 Leaders who forgot their lunch: 1 Lakes named Velma in Desolation Wilderness: 3 Number of in our group who swam in Upper Velma: 5 Number of hiking permits required: 1 Different wildflowers sighted: … Continue reading

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