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Happy Birthday Ariel…

“There is no more thoughtful gift giver than my sister,” said Jessamyn. We were in Italy riding bikes and the topic had turned to gift giving. What was a thoughtful gift? Who just bought other people what they really wanted … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Sabrina!

We didn’t have a babysitter when my youngest sister was born. We had Grandpa Fred. In 1963, November 5 fell on a Tuesday, like it does this year. It was raining. I had Brownies after school and remember thinking, When … Continue reading

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How Long Should You Wash Your Hands?

How many ways do I love Ellie? How much time have I got? Ellie looked for me for 20 years when I couldn’t find her. She took care of Jessamyn while I was in the hospital having Ariel. She gives … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Shirley1933!

Love it that Mama’s Words with Friends Handle proudly shows her birth year. And the day….today! She lets me win most of the time. She was born in the front bedroom of the house that Daddy’s parents later bought. Let … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Daddy

“This is the usual caution,” Daddy e-mailed us all a couple weeks ago. “My birthday is coming up. I don’t need or want anything, but would love to see you if that is possible.” Sometimes I ignore Daddy’s instruction…I like … Continue reading

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