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Who are our Heros?

John Glenn, the first American in space, died yesterday at 95. Who is going to replace him? Not as a former astronaut and senator and Midwestern aw-shucks man who embodied the qualities Tom Wolfe summarized as The Right Stuff. But … Continue reading

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End of a Friendship

We had lots of good history together, Jackie and I. Her daughter and mine played soccer together back in kindergarten. When they were 11, I brought her daughter home to Switzerland for a visit. Later, Jackie and her husband Kenny … Continue reading

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I am Judgemental.….But in a good way.

So now that I’ve copped to the head-slap moment about how not to judge people, I’m realizing that there are so many ways we judge. Judging may be the most common American pastime, right after eating at McDonald’s and checking … Continue reading

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“My Cheeks Hurt from Smiling”

“It’s Sojourn t-shirt night,” texted Nancy before our last Vermont dinner. I should’ve known it was the start of a plot…a good plot, but still…Sure enough all 15 of us showed up in the lobby in our Sojourn t-shirts. Along … Continue reading

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It takes a Village…to find an iPhone….

“I can’t find my phone this morning. Anybody know where it is?” wrote Daddy on the family email. “Neither Shirley or I can hear well enough to hear the ring when we call it.” Lost iPhone, a scary problem. I … Continue reading

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