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Socks and Voting. What do they have in Common?

Sometimes it feels like the apocalypse. Hugs not allowed. Travel not allowed. Records every day for new cases of coronavirus. Jobs still a problem for family and friends. Huge demand at the food bank where I seem to be volunteering … Continue reading

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$20….And what to do with it?

The $20 bill is still in its envelope. It’s been sitting on the kitchen counter awaiting a worthy destination. A total surprise–and confirmation I was in the right church–the when Rev. Ken Daigle said that they were going to do … Continue reading

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One Little Thing

Second in a series Moments, about small things in life…that aren’t always small. Please speak up if there’s something you’d like to contribute, or read more about. kr. ____ Two years ago I gave my brother David a couple of … Continue reading

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The Homeless of Beverly Hills

“I’m homeless, can you help me get something to eat?” Although I was in Beverly Hills–picking up a repaired watch repair–the woman certainly looked homeless enough. She wore an ill-fitting red t-shirt, and an even more wilted expression than the … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season….

Is there a better place for people watching than Beverly Hills? I think not. It’s fun to watch tourists puzzled about the kitty-corner crosswalk on Rodeo Drive, to gawk at the high-end cars and hair in colors nature never intended. … Continue reading

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