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Boob Bumps…

“You might find this interesting,” wrote a dear friend… “All of my bras are old and ill-fitting. So two weeks ago I went to Victoria’s Secret to buy new bras. Never bought any before there before but thought I’d treat … Continue reading

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Subject: Bra Religion?

Must say, there’s been uncommon interest in my blathering about bras and pontificating about panties. People are sharing advice–“even though I’m not bold  enough to contribute panty talk on the blog”. So stay tuned gals and guys…. I’ve got lots … Continue reading

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Evaluating your clothes for usability sometimes requires actually wearing them. And not just in front of the mirror so Marcy can tell you stripes are not your thing. No, actually put on the clothes and try them in battlefield conditions. … Continue reading

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Suzie Speaks….Special Guest Post….How Bras are like Batteries…

Bra sizes are like batteries – AAA,  AA,  D I’ve been wearing the same bra style for several years now. Whenever one would get too worn out I would just replace it. However as some of you know I have … Continue reading

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