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My Health Insurance Quagmire…

Do I have health insurance? Or Don’t I? I’ve been paying my premiums right along. I have a United Health Care insurance card with my name on it. And yet… There’s a wrench in the monkey somewhere. Every month on … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, Bikers

It’s been a hard year for my biking group. A number of very serious accidents. Richard Schlickman hit a speed bump in Palos Verdes in March and spend months at a couple different rehab facilities.  Jim Schaeffer fell in July … Continue reading

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Get Well soon….

Wrote yesterday about my snazzy Colnago….which I did not get to ride today because of huge rains and winds everywhere within shouting distance. Even with a generous husband wanting to get an anniversary gift, you don’t want just walk into … Continue reading

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