Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why the heck is this blog called Bikini Wax Chronicles?

A: Got your attention, didn’t it? Wanted a name that was funny, female, and provocative…think I nailed it?  I write about both the fun and unfun parts of being a woman in these new-fangled times. As my daughter Ariel says, “all the shit you have to do to be accepted and successful as a female today.” Sometimes that even includes bikini waxes.

Q: So, are you going to write about ingrown hairs and stuff?

A: Not so often. Promise.

Q: Where can I read more of your work?

A:  My books are available in libraries and on Amazon.  Sleep Song, To Cross a Line, and The T.F. Letters are the most recent ones. Stay tuned for info on more forthcoming books and articles.

Q: Are you, or are you not, Karen Katz?

A: I answer to many things. As a company wife and when the girls were smaller I was often been called “Mrs. Katz,” and now rarely turn around to look for my mother-in-law. The CEO of Neiman Marcus is Karen Katz. Not me, but on the rare occasion I shop there I am treated very nicely. Karen Katz is a prolific picture book writer. Also not me, but we’ve been confused and I sometime think I should get a share of her royalties.

Q: Do you do public speaking? Lead bicycle trips?  Pose for centerfolds?

A: Yes. Sometimes. Not with the best bikini wax in the world.

2 Responses to FAQs

  1. Tom Ballard says:


    Greetings from Tom Ballard, the fellow you had coffee with at the Steaming Bean this morning, August 28, 2011… I was not aware this comment form was available, so I used what I thought to be the facebook connection on your site… I hope the message I sent, or tried to send, will make its way to you… The gist of it was that it was neat to have met you and chatted with you, and I invited you to stay in touch. Maybe through conversations we can answer some of the mysteries you refered to this morning…
    Hoping you have a great day, and safe travels. I am in Ridgeway and headed towards Owls Creek Pass.. Might do some more backpacking, etc…. All I really have to do is be in Denver on the 10th to pick up my buddy….
    Did your exercise class work off that big breakfast you had???? :-)))))

    Happy Trails,


  2. Shirley says:

    Hi Karen,

    I saw your comment on a Booming article today.
    I am single and also working overseas……I am your new single friend 😉
    Drop me a note @ whitestarwellness.com
    Take care,

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