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Lots of things can change in five months. Two whole seasons have changed over. Rain in

Patrice was behind the camera to make nine.

Patrice was behind the camera to make nine.

Los Angeles, yep that makes the news. Patrice got a new bicycle. Yee haw. I’ve lost 8.3 pounds. Yee haw again.

But some things don’t change.

Nancy is still the social coordinator par excellence. And Tracy is still the first one up the hill.

Proof positive on both counts yesterday.

Nine of us from our Vermont trip last October did a reunion ride.

Interesting that it takes a visit from an out-of-towner to bring out everyone. Tracy had planned to run the marathon, but when that thought went sideways she had her airplane ticket and we had a get together.

“Let’s do the dropdown first,” said Nancy when we met up at Malaga Cove….and then over the river up a bunch more hills, “before we arrive at my house for breakfast at 10:30.

“Let’s all stay together,” she said. “And remember: hydrate.”

The enthusiasm of the moment got me. The drop down at Paseo del Mar is fun; the climb out, not so much. It’s easily skipped…and I should have…because it was hot and there were a miles to go before we ate.

The temperature and weather seemed especially prepared for an east coast visitor. (Can Nancy organize the elements too?)  The air has never been clearer, the sky and ocean never more blue. Although it was 33 miles away, you could easily see the Hollywood sign, and practically count the trees on Catalina.

Tracy kept gushing—and I kept puffing—and when we finally got to Nancy’s house, Tracy showed off a picture of her car thermometer last week in Maryland. “3 degrees.”

Beautiful Italian brunch, complete with eggs poached in tomato sauce, a first for me. Yum. Yum. And then there was the pasta. Can one swoon over pasta?

The food, and company, and food were all fabulous but ever-present in my mind was that home was more than a ten mile ride away. Needed to get home to walk Axel and collapse into a quivering heap.


She and Susie took a longer ride back.

And then went golfing.

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