Every writer loves feedback.spam

Unless of course you are selling fake Louis Vuitton handbags.

Or Moncler jackets or Ugg boots. Or, even more oddly, if you are trying to sell those jackets, or boots, or handbags in Japanese or Russian.

Such is life in the comments section of blogs. I fling those “comments” away, of course, before you get to see them if you care to scroll down. But flinging became shoveling and then hauling away of spam. Hundreds and hundreds of spam messages a day. Gonzo. Blech.

So people who want to comment often do to me directly, which is fine. I like that. I like it when people say how nice the piece about Ariel was….which of course is really just a reflection of how nice Ariel herself is.

But, in the interests of making life easier for me–and for you–I have a tiny change below. If you’d like to make a public comment—and I really hope you will—you get the opportunity to do a basic arithmetic problem.


So far the robots haven’t figured this one out. My spam count has gone from 20% down to less than 4%. And even those few aren’t trying to sell me—or you—boots or handbags.

And if they figure it out, maybe I’ll change up the arithmetic problem.

In the meantime I will simply tell you that 4×2 equals:


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  1. Seema says:

    A little training for us AND less spam for you! I like win-wins!

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