Happy Birthday Ariel…

“There is no more thoughtful gift giver than my sister,” said Jessamyn. We were in Italy aj-kane_120225_ariel-for-bela_023riding bikes and the topic had turned to gift giving. What was a thoughtful gift? Who just bought other people what they really wanted for themselves themselves.

And this was a couple months before Ariel made me a crossword puzzle for my birthday. All clues personalized. Who else could even THINK of something like this, not to mention be able to execute it?

At 15, Ariel took the pieces of a quilt my grandmother had started in the early ‘30s and made it into a gorgeous quilt for my father. This year for Christmas she drew my brother David and made him a glorious scrapbook, combing through family photos to find pictures of him as a boy, and him with his boys, often in the very same pose.

Such gifting—she also made a New-York themed quilt for Jessamyn this year—is part of

On Ariel's second birthday. Jessamyn is left of her.

On Ariel’s second birthday. Jessamyn is left of her.

Ariel’s overall thoughtfulness. Even as a tiny little thing, love and caring oozed out of Ariel.

If the dog sneezed, she would bring over a tissue to the puzzled dog. At the nursery she would get toys, hoping to calm the upset babies. She would decorate the cookies, remember what people like, or prepare a special meal for the birthday person. She’s patient when helping us with techie glitches…even when showing the same thing six times. And the cool banner up top of BWC? Yep, that’s Ariel’s handiwork.

Caring is so much a part of Ariel’s world that it’s occasionally hard for her not to be disappointed when others don’t do the same.

When I encouraged Ariel to try a new food, as a little girl, she would instead ask Jessamyn’s opinion. Smart girl. Mothers always want kids to try new things. And before Scan 192she got Axel, Ariel kept her room clean for a YEAR to show that she was responsible.

Smart in both a science-y way and an emotional way, the world is such a better place for having her in it.

The world has been a better place for 28 years day.

Ariel and Jessamyn

Ariel and Jessamyn

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  1. Seema says:

    Thoughtful gift givers are rare gems, a true sign of someone in tune with the subtle inner layers of others…Happy Birthday Ariel!

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