Company Pie

“Karen,” my father asked, “do you want to share the last piece of your mother’s pecan pie?”pie

“No thank you,” I said.

“I didn’t think so,” Daddy saw that I was getting myself something else, “But I thought it polite to ask.”

Which reminds me of a story of family legend.

My great-grandmother Daisy–Daddy’s grandmother– and her husband John were having the minister over for dinner, back in the day when people did such things. Daisy had pulled out all of the stops, including blackberry pie. Full dinner, including pie all around.

After conversation, Daisy offered the minister seconds on the pie. He declined.

Much later in the evening after the company was gone John said that he’d like another piece of that delicious pie.

“The pie is gone.”

“But what if the minister had accepted?”

“He’d already had plenty. It was polite of me to offer.

“And it was polite of him to decline.”

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