Bikini Wax News Update….

When I started this here blog, kinda expected I would have a monopoly on bikini wax

Illustration in the New York Times.

Illustration in the New York Times.

news. But this day and age no one gets a monopoly on anything.

The august New York Times has been reporting on bikini waxing for ages. Near a decade ago it began writing about the supposed “new trend” and more recently the bikini-waxing news in the Gray Lady has gotten more explicit, and frequent. A couple years ago it was the story about men getting bikini waxes, and then just a hair’s breath later, another about bikini waxing for kids.

As I’m typing, this week’s Brazilian Bikini Wax story is immediately behind “A Middle East Primer” on theNYT’s top ten most-forwarded stories.

The dripping hot below-the-belt news on bikini waxing this week?

The supposed new trend is that there is less of it. Waxing that is.

Writer Melissa Meltzer quotes various cultural types—Lady Gaga, Cameron Diaz, and a gynecologist—who talk about preferences for a fuller natural look. “Historically, full pubic hair was an indication of good health,” says the gynecologist. American Apparel, ever the newsmaker, has even come out with mannequins sporting pubic hair, the better to show off their translucent lingerie on models who do not look like Barbie dolls.

It’s an easy story to write mid-winter when the practicality of bathing suits can be conveniently ignored. And as a ‘trend story’ the article is conspicuously lacking in statistics. As the saying goes, ‘the plural of anecdote is not data.’

Always missing from the bikini-wax discussion is that Brazilian bikini waxing has been driven by online pornography. Only occasionally is this even mentioned, more generally women might say, “I do it to feel clean and fresh.”

Would you similarly wax your head to feel fresh and forego the need for shampoo?

Actress Gaby Hoffman appeared naked, “with an untrimmed thicket” in the television show “Girls” and the film “Crystal Fairy and The Magical Cactus.” She simply prefers herself this way and goes on to say, “It’s one of those topics that unfortunately is a conversation that won’t be over until we get over our weird puritanical obsessions with sex and female figure.”

There is that.

Of course.

But even more so, I think, there’s a desire and interest to both be risqué and to fit in. Depending on which story you are reading, or where you are on which curve, bikini waxing can be either one.

And sometimes it’s just because you want to wear a bathing suit.

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