Special Hillary Effects

That Hillary Clinton is on the cover of the New York Times Sunday Magazine will surprisehillary no one. The story is a will-she-run piece that’s interesting enough. The Clintons make a lot more friends than the Obamas do. There, you have it.

But the “photo illustration” on the cover is just abysmal, showing Hillary on face of the moon, or a planet.

Rubbing salt into the insult is a blog about how the idea came to be. They took the “man in the moon” face from the famous 1902 film “Le Voyage Dans la Lune” and twisted it six ways to Sunday. They even show different iterations of the cover, any one of which is better than the finished product.

Everyone in the comments section hates the cover. Everyone. “We all know by now that if someone did such a grotesque and humiliating caricature of Obama they would be labeled racist,” wrote Susan K.

“Stupid, ugly AND demeaning,” wrote Bill. “They hit the Trifecta.”

“It took awhile,” wrote Dotconnector, “but I think I just figured it out: This is a special issue of the Onion, right?”

Generally in the comments sections a few are highlighted as “NYT Picks”. Such ‘picks’ are generally on either side of a fence but expressed especially well. None of the unanimous noodle-slaps were highlighted.

Thought I might comment myself on that one.

But they’d closed the comments section on that particular piece.


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