Technology Fairy to the Rescue

Of course you count on BWC for your bikini waxing news—Did you know that crab licefairy are becoming rare because of “habitat destruction”, ie. bikini waxing?—but we can help you out in other areas as well.

Like..say…help figuring out the government’s annoying health insurance website.

Sure enough…our own technology fairy uses common sense, about a dozen programming languages, plus fairy dust, to solve computer problems large and small.

An entrepreneur from the get-go, Ariel started her first business in the fifth grade. Noting that her classmates were forgetful, Ariel started selling pencils and paper from her desk. Soon enough she had me buying her supplies in bulk from Costco and the teachers were referring her business. The school, though, shut her down, saying she was unfair competition to their textbook room.

More recently Ariel began designing t-shirts, and now with has gone to her core competency…all things geeky, helping out small businesses and regular folks with all things technical.

I might be an eensy bit prejudiced, but she’s helped at least one of her customers get signed up for Obamacare….

And as I understand it, that’s some kind of a miracle.

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