“You’re So Old I Bet They’ll Let You IN!”


I was in the line for the very first test screening of American Hustle, set for release on Christmas Day. I’d filled out the online paperwork. “Arrive at 6:15 for the 7:00 show. A reservation is not a guarantee of a seat.”

My gal-pals were figuring out the happy hour bill across the street and I aimed to simply dash over and swoop up our tickets.

Not so fast.

The lady with the clipboard was going down the chaotic line asking each person, “How old are you?” and then making a hash mark on her little chart.

Those in their twenties and thirties were getting the stink eye and a little head shake. The party in front of me was mixed ages, the thirty-somethings clearly annoyed. “You are probably so old, they’ll let you in,” one said to an older friend.

Just mean.

“Why do you think they’re doing that,” said one guy.

“They probably want a ‘fair’ audience, mix of ages across the demographic spectrum,” I said.

“That’s what I TOLD you,” one friend said to the other, “except she uses better words.”

Clipboard lady came to me, How old am I SUPPOSED to be? I handed her my reservation form, gave her a number and she nodded at the fellow to give me the coveted plastic bracelet for admission. “And for my friends?”

“How old are they?”

“About the same as me.”

“About isn’t an age. I need numbers.”

“Okay. 53, 53, 52, 52.”

She nodded in approval. Now if she could just find copies of the non-disclosure forms….and they would get here…

Can’t say anything about the movie…that non-disclosure business—here’s the trailer–but a great day to be the age I am.

As Linda walked into the theater David O. Russell, the director of American Hustle, also of Silver Linings Playbook and The Fighter, opened the door for her.

Great fun, even if it was an American hassle to see American hustle.

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