Movies for Grown-ups!

“It’s a good thing we love you!” I told my nephew after my sister and I sat through hisbutler movie selection– World War Z– last month.

Perhaps the best thing about the end of summer is that there are finally movies for grown-ups, even thinking grown-ups.

A few you might want to consider. A couple will require a search, but are worth it:

The Butler: This big Miramax movie with Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey, as a White House butler who is witness to history, comes out tomorrow. Can’t wait.

The Hunt: What happens when a male kindergarten teacher is accused by a darling little girl of sexual assault? Sounds like a pulled-from-headlines problem-novel, but the depth and insight and terrifying nature of people revealed in this Danish movie is phenomenal. It’s worth looking for and if you can’t find it, add to your Netflix queue.

Blue Jasmine: It’s not Woody Allen at his best, but even a middling Wood Allen is worth a look, and when there’s Cate Blanchett involved I’m definitely there.

The Attack: Do you ever really know your spouse? This question has never been better posed, and more intricately answered. An Arab doctor honored in Israel is disbelieving when his wife is declared to be a suicide bomber. And tries to figure out what has happened to her life, and his.

We’re the Millers: If you’re not ready for summer to be over, or to be a grown-up, get a ticket to We’re the Millers. It’s really really stupid and really really funny. Even when you can see the jokes coming from miles and miles away, they are executed in such a twisty clever way that they are just hilarious.

Got the daughter criticism after this one: “You laugh way too loud!”

So sue me.

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