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What do you do when you’ve got a great idea for a t-shirt?plugged images

What my favorite Geek Goddess did was to first offer the designs to Think Geek, purveyor of cool geeky stuff. When they stupidly did not take them on, she designed the shirts herself on Zazzle.

“Is it definitely plugged in?” says my favorite.

Ariel has helped too many people with too many technical problems to know this is not an idle question.

“Chick Magnet” is also clever and as long as she was at it, she came up with luggage tags, “It’s just full of dirty clothes. I promise.” So you can easily spot your suitcase on the carousel and someone else will not swoop it up by accident.

is_it_definitely_plugged_in_women_shirt-r71a96e3bf57a4a9e9c9b970e40a0ebaf_vjfe8_324Zazzle makes it easy to design your own shirts, and also powers the cleverness at the Bikini Wax Chronicles store.

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